Friday, October 1, 2010

The thought of Pizza can do wonders...

First of all our apologies for not getting this blog post up sooner - a lot of us were walking slowing this week with all the muscle pains and blisters. Overall, thought the trip was amazing and we had a great team!

Day 3 - We got up early to some delicious pancakes make by Scott and Neal of Barrcamp (10,200 ft). After a quick photo shoot by Riz Photography (including the awesome one on the top) we headed toward the Peak (14,115 feet) at around 8am.  The hike was fairly scenic and the we hiked as a group which was loads of fun. The group cracked jokes about everything and anything - I guess when you are high up in altitude everything seems funny :) We also had a few people singing for the group - I would nominate them for American Idol in a heartbeat.The hike was easier than the previous day apart from the last mile where we had to hike over small boulders. After we passed the tree line, for a good hour and half, we were going back and forth on the never-ending switch backs. However, everyone kept going - it must have been the idea of getting some yummy pizza and ice chilled pop at the summit. Altitude didn't affect the group much - a few of us started getting a slight headache but apart from that nothing major. We were at the peak at around 1 pm.

The top was packed with people, most of them taking the COGS railways from Manitou Springs. After taking a few photos - it was food time!!. Definetly junk food was the choice after burning all those calories getting to the Peak - pizza, fries, hamburgers and pop - can't get any better.

At around 3.30 pm we headed back to camp. The way down was challenging too - as most of us were tired and the altitude was getting to us. Although I have to mention, there were some in the group who must have got some crazy energy from the food because they decided to sprint down to camp. I am sure  Usain Bolt would have been  proud  of them- well at least we were. The group arrived at camp around 6 p.m. The evening it was the same routine - spaghetti and marinara sauce for dinner. After that, half of the group went to the sleep while the other half played UNO for a few hours. There was a lot of cheating going on - I am sure their mama's would not be proud of them :)

Day 4 - We got up in the morning, ate breakfast and packed up. We left Barrcamp around 8 am for the trail head at Manitou Spring. Like the rest of the days, it was nice and warm with 70 degree temperatures and a cool breeze which made it perfect for hiking. The way down wasn't too bad - we appreciated how difficult the way up was. We got to the trail head around 11 am. Packed our cars - took some last minute photos and headed back to Des Moines via Denver. Apart from the drivers and a few co-drivers, mostly everyone was fast asleep on their way home. The group arrived in Des Moines between midnight and 2 am.

This is what a few had to say about the trip:


Heather Kauffman - "The team of 12 climbers were a barrel full of laughs & everyone was in it for the team to reach the top.. real comradery! The event went off without a hitch & really showed the dedication Peak4Poverty has for helping the children. I would highly recommend signing up for the next one!!"

Leila Datoo - "I have done many hikes with different groups - but this by far top it all. The group was amazing, the hike was challenging and the organization was perfect. I can't wait for the next one. Thumbs up to Peak 4 Poverty!"

Finally we would like to thank Riz Photography for an amazing job. Check the photos here it's worth your 5 minutes!!

We are already getting ready to plan the next 14er trip. It will be in Spring - still deciding which peak. Any preference - let us know?

Also - Peak 4 Poverty will be heading to Tanzania this December to climb Mt Kilimanjaro and then spend a few days at one of our affiliated orphanages. If you are interested, please shoot us an email at

It's over and out for now! We will be blogging soon.

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