Friday, September 24, 2010

Pikes Peak Day 2 has been perfect

Day 2 has been perfect. 

All twelve of us made it to Barr camp considering a third of the group had never hiked before!!! The 6.5 mile hike today was no stroll in the park - I guess it's Pikes Peak, what were we thinking? There were some serious elevation especially the last 0.5 miles. 

After picking the rest of the team from Denver, CO, we arrived at the trailhead at Manitou Springs at 11.30 a.m.The weather was perfect with clear skies and temperatures in the 70s - most of us hiked with t-shirts. The hike was fun but very challenging. The steepness of the mountain especially the last 0.5 miles knocked the wind out of every one. Perfect for the spaghetti and marinara sauce exotic dinner. The agenda of the night was too dehydrated over selves in preparation to summit Pikes Peak tomorrow!

Tomorrow we leave at 7 a.m for the summit. We hope to be at the top around noon for some donuts and lunch :) it's going to be a tough climb tomorrow especially after 1200 ft when the altitude starts kicking in.

Riz Photography did an amazing job with the photos. We will upload them soon. '"It is awesome to be part of this great cause. The shoot today was fabulous and tomorrow will be better" said Riz Manji, President of Riz Photography.

Alright folks, I am either going to join the half of the group who are snoozing away or the other half who are playing UNO in the common area.

More tomorrow - stay tuned on us conquering Pikes Peak!      


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