Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's Kili Time!!

This morning the entire team left the Darul Muslimeen Orphanage. Part of the team left quite early in the morning to catch the bus to Moshi for the Kilimanjaro climb but some of the kids still managed to wish us off. The rest of the team stayed back a few hours to share one last treat with the kids- soda! It was nice to share some special items the boys would not typically get. The bus ride to Moshi was hot and dusty but we managed to catch a few zzzz’s as the bus whizzed along the narrow highway from Chilenze to Moshi. It took about 7 hours total. Once we arrived in Moshi our guide for the upcoming climb, Frederick, greeted us at the bus station. We then had a debriefing to ensure we have all the needed items for the 7 day hike we are embarking on in the morning. There is a bit of underlying anxiety as we come closer to leaving in the morning to start the hike. Frederick was very through in his meeting with us. He wants to ensure we all make it to the top if possible. He noted this will be his 196th summit! We will have a team of 8 people to get us to the top. The team consist of the mountain guide (Frederick), an assistant guide, a cook, and a small group of porters. We hope to rely on their experience to safely arrive to the peak on Jan 1. It will be exhilarating to be on Africa’s highest spot at the start of the New Year!

Will blog soon – for now, its Kili time! (Please keep us in your thoughts)


  1. BEST OF LUCK TO YA'LL!!! plz tak care of nabilo, he has a history of heat exhaustion...