Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 1 - no view yet!

After a good night sleep at the Sal Saneiro hotel in Moshi, Fayaz and I are eagerly awaiting for our guide. Moshi is absolutely gorgeous with the lush greenery and prominent mountain ranges. Looking at the overcast skies, it seems like we will be hiking in our rain great for a good  fraction of the day. We simply can't wait to start out start our climb. More to follow once we get to our first base camp!!!

Update: Finally at the Machame gate! It is so misty that we cannot see anything beyond 50 meters. We were hoping to get a glimpse of the mountain on our way to the gate entrance, but no avail. I guess we will first see the peak when we are actually standing on it! More to follow from the first camp.

Keep tuned.. more fun to come..

- Leila and Fayaz (Kili 2011)

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