Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 3 and Day 4 - Is Africa's cold really tame?

We have made it to Karanga camp on Day 4 after the great Barranco wall (I will blog about that when I am back down). All has been well - getting glimpse of the summit onces in a while. Snow-capped, Kili stands magestic as ever. I hope the Mountain let's us experience the sunrise on the roof of Africa! The crew at camp is healthy with high spirits. The food is awesome - we just had fried chicken with fries. I need to talk to the chef to find out how he can make such delicious food where there are no basic amenities like running water and electricity at 15,000+ feet altitude.

We have missed the rain - but it has been freeeeezzzziinggg at night. I thought being from Chicago, the cold would be tame here. That hasn't been the case - getting sleep at night has been a premium. We head to base camp (Barafu) in the morning. Then off to the summit at midnight - tomorrow is a huge day and Fayaz and I need all your support and prayers we can get!

More later - some sleep right now. :)

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