Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 3 - Lava tower

Today we were off to Barranco camp. Started off at around 8.30 am and were at camp by 3.

We reached a high altitude of 4600 m (same altitude as the camp we leave for summit on Day 6) - this was a lava tower. A huge and unique lava bolder (google it). We then descended to camp at a lower altitude. This is known as trek high sleep low. This helps our body acclimates to the high altitude.

We left the moreland today -into the Alpine desert - where there were big bolder and scatter patches of grass. We also saw a few 4 stripped mice - they hang out with us while we had lunch. We left them a few bread crumb as a sign of appreciation for keeping us company. Loads of cairns on top of the boulders - we might do one if we have time tomorrow.

There is a sination/cinacior (I am sure I am butchering the spelling - can someone google it and comment in the correct spelling) forest next to camp. They are very unique trees and are more than 70 years old.

Seems like the weather is the same everyday -mornings are clear sky as we get a glimpse of the beautiful peak -every camp so far have a view of the peak. Around 11 it gets misty and cloudy -visibility becomes limited. Afternoons it rains until bed time. At nite its cold - I am assuming below freezing. We have all our clothes on to keep walk. I am literally shivering as I type this blog..all this will be worth it when he hit the top..

Tomorrow we are off to Karanga camp. Short hike of 4 hrs - we pass through the barranco wall which will need to use our hands to climb some areas -should be fun.

They say this camp has the best view of the peak - can't wait for the morning when the sky is clear

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  1. I think: senecio or maybe senecio kilamanjari
    You're getting close to the top!! I bet you're totally excited!! :D Still praying 4 u guys!

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