Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day two - Rocky Moreland

Today we covered 840 m ( we are currently at 3840m)..The altitude is not causing any issue so far - fingers crossed. We Started the hike around 8.40am and were at shira camp at 1.00.

The first 3.5 hrs were really steep.. Surprisingly -some of the parts involved us being on fours..we passed a few water falls - which were beautiful. The entire hike today was on a rocky area - which made it hard to plant our walking sticks. Today's terrain was moreland.. So short bushes and scattered trees.

THERE WAS NO RAIN TODAY DURING THE HIKE!! It was sunny in the beginning and the mostly overcast- last 30 min of the hike was in the clouds so visibility was limited. It started pouring 30min after we got to camp - so we sat inside the tents and listen to the rain.

Tomorrow we have a long day - 6/7 hour hike to Baranko camp.

The above picture is of our crew - guide(Fredrick), assistant guide (Francis), 6 potters(Erasto, Ramdhan, James, Dismas, Frasterno, Straton) and a cook(Douglus).

Touch base with you'all tomorrow

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  1. It takes that entire crew of 9 to get you 2 boys up that mountain?! Something seems a bit off there lol.. ;-)
    Climb sounds totally amazing! Love hearing the details! (pics are cool too) All the best! :-)