Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 5 - this is it!!!

We left Karanga valley at around 8.30 am and were at Barafu at 11.30 am (those who do the hike in 6 days instead of 7 start from Barranco and stop at Barafu on Day 4). The hike was a quick one as we passed mountainous like terrain - with no vegetation.

At Barafu camp (4600 m) - we experienced some ice storm.. It is cold here.. But tea is keeping us warm.

We had sandwiches for lunch.. Then dinner will be served at 5.. At 6pm we will try to sleep (I don't know how much sleep we will get with the cold).. The crew will wake us up at 11 for tea and cookies and then we start our ascend to the peak at midnite..

Its going to be pitch dark.. With the help of flash light and head lamps we will find our way to the peak(5900 m) in about 6-6.5 hrs.. If everything goes to plan we will see sunrise on Wed Sep 17th on top of Africa (9-9.30 pm Tue CST) !! We get to spent 10 min at the peak ( we are doing all this for 10 min??.. I guess the best come in small chunks!!) The reason for this is the altitude and the temperature.. It not safe to be there for more time.. We will descend back to Barafu camp (4 hours) to eat lunch and pack and head to Mweka camp (4 hours - 3100 m) for overnite - the 14 hour hike will enable us to sleep like babies

We need all your prayer and thoughts today as we try to make it to the top - we are in good health - no sickness... And in very high spirits..

I will try to blog again tomorrow nite if I have the energy - if not then will do it from the town of Moshi..

Above is a picture of Brian and I at Barafu camp as we point to the direction we will be hiking tonite.

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  1. Great job my friend!! You da man!

  2. By the way, tell Brian hello from us and great job!

  3. How totally amazing!! I get chills just thinking about it! You rock- making it to the top!! :D

  4. You know that I know how hard this adventure is. My thoughts are with you. You have already accomplish more than most people ever dream.

    Poli Poli