Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 4 - Barranco wall

Today morning the sky cleared up and we got a great view of the peak (will upload all these pictures once I have access to high speed internet)..

We left camp at 9 am and immediately hit the Barranco wall.. We zig zagged the wall for an hour and a half to get to the top. At many times we had to use our hands to lift our bodies - pretty cool experience - most of the path was a near cliff.. Which was scary but made for amazing scenery..

We then passed the last source of water for the next two days (karanga river).. the potters will fill up water and haul it to our next camp (Barafu)... Very limited water for the next two days..

We got to our camp (Karanga camp- above pic) at noon. 45 mins later - there was by far the heaviest showers we have experienced on the mountain. It was a sight to see -when everyone was either grabbing a shovel or hand axe to dig paths for the water to flow..

We leave for Barafu tomorrow - it will be our last camp before we ascend to the peak (which starts at midnight)..

We are in high spirit and good health.. Ready for base camp!!!

Tune in tomorrow as I give you a round up of our plans to the summit..

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